PAMOJA-Girls is a project that is under PAMOJA-mitanand whose main aim is to assist girls in the rural communities of Kilifi County. Kilifi County has been adversely affected by early teenage pregnancies and marriages thus exposing girls to so much vulnerability. A lot has contributed to this and among the causes is lack of empowerment for girls and menstruation challenges. Little and incomplete of knowledge on menstruation, access to sanitary towels, clean water are some of the hindrances that girls experience thus making them look for alternative ways such as use of cloths, leaves, sand and literally anything that can absorb the flow. Sometimes girls end up missing classes in the whole period of their messes this is to avoid the stigma they face from their peers. It is due to these challenges that PAMOJA-Girls through PAMOJA-mitanand has been able to support over 500 girls by giving those sanitary towels so as they can be able to focus on their studies and stay in school.


PAMOJA-Girls’ objective is to enable the ease access of menstruation products and promote menstruation hygiene for the girls in the rural communities and mentor girls to become responsible educated women. PAMOJA is working towards ensuring that long term solutions shall be accessed by these girls which include making of reusable sanitary towels and menstruation cups.