Baringo (Western Kenya), April 2019

In many parts of Western Kenya it hadn't rained for more than 8 months. The long rains, which are supposed to begin in February, didn't come. The consequences were horrible - a big famine. With a team on site we organized a food donation program for families in the remote of the Rift Valley. Our aim was to give each Family 100 kg of maize flour, 50 kg beans as well as 3 litre of cooking oil. The team on site contributed too and managed to organize some fresh vegetables for the families. With the given food a family could survive for 1,5 up to 2 months. In total we were able to support more than 50 families.


Malindi, November 2017

Joseph and his younger brother totally depend on their own. Their mother died and their sepfather doesn't care of them. Sister Fely managed to keep them going to school and through the good cooperation with Mama Vicky the two boys get food once a week.