Romeo Baraka

Our member Kibadi met the 12-year-old Romeo in Hospital. Romeo was Looking for firewood when he was bitten by a snake. He was lucky, because he was immediately taken to hospital and got the right treatment. His family couldn't afford to pay for the treatment. That is when our team on site assistet Romeo and his family. 

October 2019

Sidi Charo

For 17 years Sidi has been suffering from a growing tumor on her neck - incredible! She couldn't afford to go to see he doctor or get the necessary treatment. In the picture you can see Sidi with her two daughters Alice (black blouse) and Ruth (sits on the Right chair) and her grandchildren Chris and Kerry. 


Lisi came to know Sidi in July 2019. Sidi war more than happy, when she was told that she would get treatment. For some weeks she had to go for check ups to the hospital. 


Finally, in 


Am 22. Oktober war es endlich so weit - die große OP. Ein amerikanisches Ärzteteam führte die 4-stündige Operation durch. Der entfernte Tumor wog 1 Kilogramm! Bereits nach zwei Tagen wurde Sidi aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen. Sie und ihre Tochter Ruth, die sich um sie gekümmert hat, sind überglücklich. 

October 2019