Kindergarten in Kenya can't be compared with our kindergarten in Austria. There are no toys, no playing kitchen or an arts corner - in fact, it is a school. The children sit on a bench or on the floor, they learn the alphabet, simple words as well as the numbers and counting. Everything is taughed to them through music and moves. Kindergarten takes 3 years and the children are supposed to do a "final exam" before they are allowed to proceed to Primary school. 

Give your kindergarten bag a second chance!


Once a year we collect used bags from different kindergartens in Austria. The bags are taken to Kenya by our Team and on site we distribute them to children whose parents can't afford to buy one. In 2019 eighteen Children of the HGM Primary School were happy about the special gift. 


Primary school takes 8 years and is comparable with our Primary and lower secondary school. Subjects like Swahili, English, Maths, Social Studies, Religion and Sports are taught. The school year in Kenya is divided into three trimesters. For each trimester there are opening, midterm and endterm exams. Once a student has passed all the exams he or she has to clear the fee structure (school- and exam fees) before getting the permission to proceed to the next class. The anual costs for a public school are € 60,-  on average (including uniform, shoes, school materials). 

In this classroom 65 studets are taught. There were only 5 benches - Incredible! By the beginning of the third term in 2019 the students were donated 20 new benches. One can see their joy and gratefulness. 


Secondary school takes 4 years. Though it is obligatory not all parents can afford to send their children to secondary school. The anual average costs are € 300,- (depending on the school - private or public, location and reputation of the school).


After completing secondarys school young people have the qualification to study at a college or an university. An alternative is the vocational training. The most popular trainings are mechanic, tailoring, catering and hairdresser. Depending on the type of training a course can take from 2 months up to 2 years. 

Medical Training College

Accounting Diploma

Catering Course

Teacher's College