In the beginning it was Lisi, Sister Fely and Xaver who organized and implemented everything. As time went by they got support from other volunteers. The cooperation is straightforward and we enjoy working together. 

Lisi Felder

teacher in Austria, project manager

Schwester Fely

teacher at HGM Primary School in Malindi

Xaver Bischof

missionary in Malindi

Team in Malindi

Sister Lydia

manger of Small Home

Kibadi Kipanga

chairman of PAMOJA-mitanand (also from the CBO Malindi-Kenya)

Claudia Kenga

secretary, PAMOJA-Girls 

Caroline Wangui


Denis Mogeree


Evaline Olesi

teacher, HGM Primary School


Team in Austria

Lisi Felder, Simone Foerg,

Iris Barthel, Martina Natter, Sandra Fischer

Team in Germany

Kirsten Winkes