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In the drawing you find the monthly average cost for  a school year in kindergarten, primary and secondary school, as well as college. Depending on the school (public or private) the costs can vary. For secondary school, college and vocational training our sponsors pay €25,- per month. 



We support needy families with food but we never give the money direct to our families. A local shop, run by Mama Vicky, is our partner. Once a week a member of eacn family can go to the shop and take food for a certain amount of money. Like this we can ensure, that the money is used for food only.  For € 10,- a family can get food for about one week.  


A single chicken or duck can improve the situation of a family. Those animals do not need extra food, they find anything they need around the house and in the neighbourhood. The families take good care of their animals and try to make some money by selling them. 


Goats are mostly kept by families in the outskirts and in the remote. Like the chicken and ducks goats are raised to be sold and earn some money for the family.  Especially at Christmas time goats are a good business. 


If you are lucky, you can get a small plot for € 300,-. A simple mudhouse (two rooms) with a with a rood made of coconut tree leaves can be built for € 150,-. We want to ensure to build a "good and stable" home for our families. Therefore, we use blocks, cement, stones and iron sheets. The sosts for a house like that are € 800,-. Depending on the pre-condition of the toilet the price varies a lot. Some families already have a sump (€ 100,-) and only need the toilet house itself (€ 200,-). Other families need a sump and a toilet house.  


Many people sleep on the floor because they can't afford to buy a mattress or a bed, which cost about € 110,-.  One mattress is often shared among more children.