°Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world°


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Inspired by this proverb Lisi Felder and a Catholic Sister started back in 2017 to support and help needy children and families in Malindi, Kenya. PAMOJA means TOGETHER in Swahili. MITANAND has the same meaning in Lisi's dialect. PAMOJA-mitanand is a registered CBO in Malindi as well as in Austria to promote education, health and development in Kenya. 

Our second Newsletter

Our daily lives have changed a lot within the past weeks - not only in Austria and Europe - all around the world. For our team it was also a big challange, because many events and planned projects can't be done in the way we had planned them. For now - flexibility and fast help is the most important. 


All our students in Kenya are at home now, since schools have been closed. Our ongoing building sites were completed, for now there are no new ones. At the moment SURVIVING is our aim number one - support needy families with food and medicine. 

CORONA in kenya

Food donations

In March Corona has reached Kenya. The reaction of the government: Shut down for all counties, no travelling,  no events, schools are closed, avoid social contact. For the people in Kenya the consequences are fatal. Compared to Austria the basic services and primary health care are not secured. Many people lost their jobs - no job, no money, no food. 


For only € 10,-  a family can get food for one week. Our aim: To support as many families in need as possible. The distribution of the food is organized by our team on site. So far we have managed to support more than 200 families. Any contribution is a big help. If you wish to support our project, kindly get in touch with our team in Austria or Kenya. 


We appreciate the effort of all our donors, who support our Project in these difficult times. 

Take care - your PAMOJA team



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